About Gina Pritchard, ACNP

“Add Years to Your Life, and Life to Your Years…”

As Director of PREVENT!, I am honored to have an amazing team of dedicated cardiologist that are passionate about preventing heart attacks and strokes.


Our passion is helping individuals and families like you eliminate heart attack and stroke
from their lives. You no longer need to fear these devastating diseases.

Preventative Medicine has come a great distance, with so much more to offer today than
even 25 years ago. Through clinical experience, scientific research, genetic testing,
advanced inflammatory biomarker testing, in-depth lipid analysis, and technological
advances in evaluating the artery wall, the tools are now available to help you Live Free –
Free from the Fear of Heart Attack and Stroke.

You deserve to have good health in order to participate in the important aspects of everyday life
– to see your children and grandchildren’s graduations, go on family vacations, savor fun
times with friends, reach your goals, and fulfill your dreams.

Education and Experience

  • Graduate from Texas Woman’s University (1986) – Bachelor’s Degree (major in
    Nursing, minor in Biology).
  • Accepted into the Critical Care Internship at Baylor University Medical Center in
    Dallas, TX
  • Coronary Care unit – Clinical Nurse III, mentoring new graduates, and speaking
    and writing
  • Clinical Research Coordinator for joint research projects between HeartPlace and
    Baylor University Medical Center, Cardiovascular Services
  • Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington
  • National board certification as a Cardiovascular Clinic Nurse Specialist and Acute
    Care Nurse Practitioner

Ongoing Professional Development

  • Member of the American Association of Anti-aging Medicine, American Heart
    Association, Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association, and the American
    College of Cardiology
  • Graduate of and ongoing participant in the Bale Doneen Method Preceptorship
    adhering to the Bale Doneen Paradigm of Cardiovascular Wellness.
  • Member of the National Lipid Association